Rapid Truck first commercial motor vehicle to conquer Pikes Peak

1909      The Glidden Tour crossed the USA in 1909 . The Tour used a Rapid Motor Company one ton Truck model F-406-B  with cargo box to haul the baggage for the tour participants. When the route brought them close to the area, they decided to try an attempt to climb up to the Summit. The truck was driven by James Carry . Several others rode along, beginning on August 1, 1909 and coming back down the following day .

There is a nice video of the truck with a still photograph of the truck at the Summit :

A more in depth description can also be found at :https://history.gmheritagecenter.com/wiki/index.php/A_1909_Rapid_Truck_Climbed_Pike%E2%80%99s_Peak

Rapid Motor Company was bought out by General Motors in 1909 . GMC has a long history with trucks and records on Pikes peak, more to follow

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