The Unser Boys ascend Pikes Peak on Indians

1915    Sept 19th   Three brothers Jerome, Louis and Joseph Unser aged 16, 19, 18 made the trip up Pikes Peak on Indian motorcycles. Jerome and Joseph was on the Indian with the sidecar. Louis was on the single and waited for his brothers at the end of construction, short of the Summit. They had to carry the sidecar rig the rest of the way to the summit.   The first time for a sidecar at the Summit of Pikes Peak. The time of the trip from Cascade at the foot of Pikes Peak to the Summit was 2hr 15 minutes.

The entire Unser family would go on to set records for years to come at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb race.  Pikes Peak would be nicknamed  “Unser Mountain”. It all started with an Indian motorcycle with a side car.  Take some time to check out the family website for their museum:


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