Floyd Clymer first to ride tandum on a motorcycle to the Summit

1915   (Unknown date)   Floyd Clymer was a major character in the early automobile and motorcycle industry .The Berthoud  Colorado resident opened a motorcycle shop in Greeley Colorado in 1914, that also sold Excelsior motorcycles .

Some time in 1915 he took a passenger up , the then being built Pikes Peak Highway. Becoming the first to tandem climb to the Summit on a motorcycle. The bike was of course an Excelsior  a 1915  61 Twin with a 3 speed . The last half mile of the road was still under construction and they had to ride the last part of the trip, on the Cog railway tracks to the top. The passenger is still unknown as well as the date of the trip.

To find out more about Floyd Clymer and his amazing accomplishments, check out the link below.



In the mid teens, most motorcycles came with just one seat and the tandem seat was an optional accessory.  Perhaps Floyd was using an tandem seat like this, from Fentress-Newton.

Or perhaps one from the Stoll  Manufacturing Company of Denver, who made aftermarket  motorcycle parts.

With Floyd being a motorcycle dealer and racer plus having contacts with Harley-Davidson, things were looking good for motorcycle racing on Pikes Peak.

In 1916 Floyd would come back to win the first Pikes Peak Hill Climb race on another Excelsior 61  motorcycle in the Professional Class.

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