Overland Park racing and the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in 1916

Spenser Penrose’s first great race wasn’t just for automobiles. Not that a person would easily notice the motorcycle classes in the advertisements preceding the event. Colorado was a hotbed of early motorcycles at the time. Denver Colorado had massive bike races at Overland Park race track. Those races drew nationwide contenders.

Part of the original draw of riders for the first Pikes Peak Hill climb was the upcoming races in  Denver the following weekend. Giving the riders a two for one trip to the Rocky Mountain by entering both races in August of 1915.The success of hill climb was an unknown at the time,  but racing and winning at Overland Park would surely gain press , prestige and nice winnings.

Advertisement below for the Overland Park races in Denver,on August 12, 1916 race. (Two days after Pikes Peak)

History has been kind to the memories of motorcycle racing on Pikes Peak. But after one hundred years who remembers Overland Park motorcycle racing ?



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