The Peterson Special, a surviving PPHC Bocar


Frank Peterson, Don Johnson, Bocar 2016

Chevrolet introduced  the concept of a fiberglass body the Corvette in 1953 . Bob Carnes an aircraft engineer from Lakewood Colorado wanted to go one step more, making a fiberglass bodied sports car that also powerful with  a lightweight chassis for racing. Enter the Bocar !

The Bocar did receive quite a bit of press for its good looks and horsepower to weight ratio. Bob raced  his first Bocar X-1 at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in 1958 taking 5th place.   Production of the Bocar was short-lived, only running from 1958-1962.

Frank Peterson

You could easily write a book about Frank Peterson and the Pikes Peak Hill Climb . Today, lets look at  Peterson Special that began as a wrecked Jaguar XK120 in 1959.  Buying the wreaked car and basically only using the chassis,  a Chevy 283  motor and a cast off Bocar body.  He ran a few events and decided he needed to do a rebuild of the car. He molded a new Bocar shell that was longer, with more louvers and  built in seats.  Frank would race the car at the PPHC from 1960-1963.  The car was red in the beginning and then the blue in 1962.

Frank Peterson Bocar 1962

The car was beautiful and with the Jaguar suspension, the Chevy fuel injected motor and Frank driving, it was fast and became a local favorite. As with any race car there is always a jump in technology and its on to the next big thing.  Many cars get passed on to new owners or parted out. Luckily this car still survives. Thanks to Don Johnson.

Don Johnson

Don Johnson was from Lakewood Colorado and worked with Bob Carnes during the production period of the Bocar .  What better of a caretaker for the” Peterson Special” then Don. After the car had gone through several other owners if finally ended up back in Colorado. He raced the car in the local Rocky Mountain Vintage racing events . The car looks amazing !

Thanks to the Johnson family it is still available for the PPHC fans to see.

Bocar Displayed at the Hagerty Insurance building 2016




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