The first Ford Cobra to race the Pikes Peak Hill Climb ?

Ford Cobra Csx-2020 Pikes Peak Hill Climb 1964

Chuck Frederick drives Chevys.

Chuck Frederick was from Golden Colorado and started his racing with Chevrolet Corvettes.  The first three years 1960-63, he ran the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, it was in Chevrolet Corvettes .

Chuck Frederick and a Corvette at Frederick Chevrolet

With the bow ties in the Sports Car Class . His best time was in 1962, with a 15:15.3 which was good enough for 4th place.  Not sure how he went from running Chevrolet to the Ford Cobra,but it happened in 1964.




Phil Long Ford of Colorado Springs ordered the 1963  Cobra CSX-2020 as a street car. The dealership must have turned it into a race car. They also made it a rental car(?) for Chuck Frederick to drive in the 1964 Pikes Peak Hill Climb. The car was blue in color, running the required Gates Tires ( the overall race sponsor in 64), a single loop driver side roll bar and a driver side only windshield visor. The early Cobra’s didn’t have the side pipes and they had the smaller fender revels and a 289 V-8 motor.

Chuck Frederick Ford Cobra CSX-2020 1964 PPHCThe Cobra would end up to be faster for Chuck then the Corvettes.  In 1964 he took 3rd place with a time of 14:20.6.    CSX2020 would show up for the next years race with a red paint job, a new hood scoop and  duel air vents added under the nose to help get more air to cool the engine. Additional flaring was also added to the rear wheel area to allow for larger tires. Still no side pipes and running Phil Long Ford sponsorship.

Could the 1964 car be a different Cobra for 1965.?  Was it CSX2020 both years?  Records confirm  it was 2020 in 1965. No serial number data available for the 1964 race has been found.

1965 Ford Cobra CSX-2020 Chuck Frederick at PPHC

Once again Chuck was to take 3rd place in the large displacement Sports Car Class. His time in 1965 was 14:35.7.   Interesting note from Hot Rod magazine, “This year, he “rented” a full race Cobra from a druggist friend in Kansas ”  One week rental cost was $500.  (More questions that need to be answered.)

The Cobra survives !

The good news the PPHC Cobra CSX_2020 still survives. This car was listed for sale in early 2017  with Guilwing Motor Cars for $850,000. You can check at the details at :

Updated 5-1-2017

New info:  CSX2020 Red/Blk interior. Billed to shelby America 12/21/62 shipped to L.A. 2020 was invoiced to the “Arnold Bros.” on 4/19/63 for $5,195.00 .According to its first owner-of-record, the car was sold to an individual who, after a few weeks of ownership, drove the car to California without making any of the required installment payments on it. In a matter of course the car was repossessed,  and was delivered to Phil Long ford and rented to Chuck Frederick for the 1964 Pikes Peak Hill Climb .

Hot Rod magazine Sept 1965 : ( In reference to the 1965 race)

Last year, Chuck drove a Cobra but it was strictly the standard production street variety. This year, he “rented: a full-race Cobra from a druggist friend in Kansas and this particular Cobra had the right prescription as it was a real strong running car. One week’s rental cost Chuck $500 and we are happy to report that he kept it on the road so didn’t bend up the druggist;s machine.

I think it is safe to say it was two different Cobra’s . Would you agree ?


If you have any additional information about the Cobra or Cobras that raced the PPHC please contact me . Thanks

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  1. Chuck was my father and from what I can piece together they were different cars. I think his crew chief Keith hardy (lives in Utah with his wife ) would be able to answer some of these questions

    1. Nice to hear from you ! I can confirm it was two different cars. I currently have the buyers order for the first car CSX2020. Also have came across a few more pictures you may not have seen. Would be fantastic to be able to talk with Keith. Thank you for your efforts in getting Chuck’s racing history figured out for us history fans he drove some amazing cars on Pikes Peak

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