2017 Pikes Peak Hill Climb updates, Porsche plus

Just 51 days to go !

Some early observations about the upcoming race.  The car field isn’t full, or at least the official competitors list is short. Only 58 entries  listed out of 67 spots. Not sure what is going on with that ??? Maybe the stand by folks haven’t been added yet ?  Motorcycles are just one short at 32.    Overall they are showing ten empty spots at 51 days out. Lets hope it’s just a paperwork snafu.

Update 5/15/17  Just 90 participants for the 2017. The selection committee was hard to get through this year. 

Colorado racers are standing tall this year!  27 of the 58 are car entries are local and 10 of the 32 bikes live in Colorado.  Way, way back in time they had a Colorado Champion winner in the bike class. My opinion the fastest Colorado  bike and car racer should be recognized each year. There could be a traveling trophy that gets passed on year to year. Since the very beginning the  race has had its best success when tied to the local community, drivers and race teams.  GO COLORADO !

Porsche is strong for 2017

Not since the 1962 Sports Car Class has there been “SEVEN” Porsche entries. The pavement has been good for the Porsche fans no doubt. The 2017 Porsche entries are :

  • David Donner # 41               2013 Porsche  GT3 R              Time Attack  1     http://www.donnermotorsport.com
  • David Donohue # 911        2014 Porsche Turbo S               Time Attack 1   (Rookie)         http://www.daviddonohueracing.com
  • Robert Gardner # 133   2012 Porsche 997.2 GT3 Cup   Time Attack 1  (Rookie)
  • Les Long    #496               2009 Porsche  GT3 Cup             T ime Attack 1   (Rookie)
  •  Chris Lennon # 167         1973 Porsche 911 RSR                 Open Class
  • Chris Strauch # 56        1970 Porsche 914 Ediger SPL    Open Class
  • Laure Many   #19            1978 Porsche 911 SC 3.0lt           Open Class       (Rookie)

That is an amazing group of drivers. Take some time and check them out. By the way Laure is the “”ONLY female racer this year. She has been racing in the French Rally Cup for the last two years and lets hope she makes a splash like Michelle Mouton did in her time.  Looking forward to seeing more Porsche entries in the future. With the road fully paved its a perfect fit.

1962 Entries  Winner Bob Donner RS-1, Jack Guynn 1600S, Don Ives RSK, Glenn Beavers 1500, William Blatt Super 90, Terry Ives 1600S (female),  Bob Hagestad Super 90.

Hhhhmmm… comparing the 1962 to 2017,. One female racer each time,  a Donner racing and a wide range of Porsche race cars. It’s going to be good !

Millen in a Hyundai.

Latest update has Rhys Millen running in the Time Attack Class with his 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe.  Both Rhys and Paul Dallenbach have proved that car is FAST.

Check back in later for more updates !

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