2017 is the last time after 42 years

The 2017 Pikes Peak Hill Climb race is the last time a traditional Wells Coyote will race to the summit.  Last year the warning was sent out in the competitors bulletins, “Vehicles Originally Designed to Compete on a Dirt Course “.  You can read the complete bulletin at the PPIHC site. Basically it should have been titled ” No More Wells Coyotes after 2017″

John Wells and Al Reed drove the first Wells Coyote race cars at the Peak in 1975.  It would take a few years to get the bugs worked out, but once they did racing at Pikes Peak would never be the same.

Al Reed early off-road Wells Coyote
John Wells 1975 Teller County Hill Climb
Early color picture Wells Coyote


The early cars raced in several off road challenges and over the years became more refined . Dick Dodge Jr would take the first PPIHC win for a Wells Coyote in 1979.  The flood gates were opened with overall wins by , Bill Brister, Al Unser Jr,  Bobby Regester, Gary Lee Kanawyer, and on and on again. By the mid 1980s the vast majority of the open wheel class would be driving Wells Coyotes . During its’ reign, the John Wells designed race cars have taken 21 class wins and have had, the most entries, the most drivers and the most wins of any race car ever at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.  The Wells Coyote was designed as a dirt car and can still be seen racing on the dirt with the “Colorado Hill Climb Association” (CHCA) and will be racing for many years to come.


The last two Wells Coyote to race Pikes Peak this year will be driven by Dave Wood and Jack Guynn.

(Spencer Steel, has the honor of the last PPIHC Wells Coyote win in 2012 )

Al Reed early Wells Coyote at tech inspection CHCA




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