Tire Testing 2017

The term “Tire Testing” what does that mean ? At Pikes Peak you may as well call it paid practice time.  In Nascar and Indy racing you actually have tire manufactures at a track, with tires of different compounds working to see which one would be best for the track surface.  At the hill climb, most teams do not have the large budgets to test several different tire types and instead use the time to work out bugs in their equipment and get more experience on the course.  Nothing wrong with that, and the time also helps the  PPIHC organization get its ducks in a row. Each year hundreds of volunteers are needed to make the race a success.  Tire testing allows a dry run of sorts to get the teamwork going and to work out any issues prior to race day. A couple differences in Tire Testing versus Practice Week.  First off they don’t allow any fans and hardly any photographers, (BOO) and the the course is broken into two runs instead of three legs, as in practice week. The longer stretches help the teams learn more of the track and have more time on the course.

This years’ first tire testing will be done on June 3rd and 4th .  It is always nice to see the new cars coming out for tire testing.  The 1969 Camaro “Big Red” is back after a ground up rebuild. The Enviate Hypercar and Spencer Steele in the PVA2 are car to watch.  David Meyer is in a Paltov D2 for the first time, those cars are always fast.  Gary Edinger has built another new open wheel car to be driven by long time PPHC racer Jay Stewart. The new Edinger Eagle 2 will be running twin turbos !   17 total teams testing with 5 in Pikes Peak Open, 4 in Unlimited , 3 Open Wheel cars and 4 in Time Attack 1.

Should be a great weekend, hope everyone stays safe . The next “Paid Practice” secession is June 10th and 11th.  Check back in for updates on the teams testing and course conditions. ( Rumor has it the permafrost is tearing up the upper section worse then last year)


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