2017 Tire Testing part II

its been a busy two weeks. The weeks leading up to the PPIHC tends to bring out old photos and scrapbooks.  In the last few weeks a total of fifteen scrapbooks have found their way to my home from several folks. it is an honor to to be able to walk the hill climb journey through the eyes of its’ past competitors and families.  Thank you all !

The icing on the cake so far this week has been this photograph, that has surfaced from the 1921 race.

This was J.C. Williamson in his Allen race car. An Allen race car who knew ?  Two Allens’ raced in 1921 Pikes Peak Hill Climb and Mr. Williamson in car number four, took second place in Event II. Seeing how they recorded the times back then, always brings a smile to my face. 22:49 and 3/5 seconds. Great photo and the only one I have seen of the Pikes Peak Allen cars.

Tire Testing part II

The second week of tire testin,g June 10-11th had better weather as predicted.  There was a lot of wind for the motorcycles on the upper section practice.Thankfully there were no major accidents during either week .

( Week one did have an open wheel car that went off badly and trimmed a few trees. But the car was  back the next day due to an outstanding crew and the great safety features built into the car to protect the driver ).

The road was in good shape and fast on the lower section but the “Perma-Bumps” ( permafrost melt waves)  were more pronounced on the upper section this year. The Pikes Peak Highway maintenance crews began paving repairs just days after testing, should be in good shape by practice week.

Biggest take away from tire testing for me was the motorcycle battles. Codie Vahsholtz was fast on his Husqvarna in middle weight class and Davey Durelle as expected was fastest in lightweight on his Aprilla. The mountain for many years was refereed to as “Durelle’s Peak”, in the motorcycle world, instead of Pikes Peak.  Nice to have him back. The big battle at tire testing turned out to be Bruno Langlois, last years winner, on his 2017 Kawasaki,  being ganged up on by three KTM Super Duke 1290s  of  Rennie Scaysbrook, Shane Scott and Chris Fillmore.  Bruno had the fastest time for the upper section but Rennie got fast time on the lower section.  The heavyweight battle this year is going to be fun to watch.

Check out tire testing results at


and enter Pikes Peak in the search bar.

(They only provide times for the lower section practice leg from start line to Glen Cove. cars Saturday and bikes Sunday)

On a side note, 2017 will have the most Porsche entries in the history of the race with EIGHT entered.  You can see the complete competitors lists at :



I will try to update the site more often with 2017 race news and past history.

Bear with me as this website/computer stuff is all fairly new, to this gray-bearded guy. Thanks  you for your patience !

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