PPIHC Technical Inspection 2017

The hidden jewel in motorsports.

The ‘Tech Inspection” for the hill climb has been at a few  locations over the years. Currently it is held in the parking lot of the “Broadmoor World Arena” . The location has plenty of room for the race teams to spread out and also provides a nice backdrop with Cheyenne Mountain and Pikes Peak for photographs.

Jay and Trevor Stewart’s Ediger Eagles at PPIHC tech inspection 2017

Free and open to the fans !

It is an amazing experience to able to walk among such a diverse group of racing machines and people. Where else in Motorsports can you get a chance to see such a mix of machines and motorcycles. There are no ropes and few off limit areas.  The PPIHC staff,  drivers and teams are totally accessible. Most teams are thrilled and happy to answer questions and talk about their rides. (Be warned you are at altitude and the parking lot can get hot. )  If you can’t make it to the race day the tech inspection is a must see event.

Some of the motorcycle riders getting in early at tech


Not only do they inspect the bike, but also the riders’ gear. (#285 Codie Vahsholtz.) The motorcycle staff at Pikes Peak Hill Climb have always been outstanding
There are many wild race cars that tackle the Peak. This is a Porsche 914 with a massive V-8, driven by Chris Strauch in the Pikes Peak Open Class
Most race cars are trailered to the event but some like Kash Singh choose to drive their race cars. Kash drove his 2016 Mustang from the West Coast to Colorado the day before tech. Now that is someone who knows how to have fun !