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Hello !

Many years ago I got the “Hill Climb Bug” and began a quest to find out information on surviving Pikes Peak Hill Climb race cars. Locating information became a major challenge, and photographs even harder. Not many books have been written about the race and local archives are somewhat limited to the public.

Not one to give up, I began searching high and low and with the help of MANY people along the way, I now have a large research library full of PPIHC related information. (Even with all that I have, a lot is missing ).

My plan for this blog is to get information out to the public where it belongs. Sharing the history of racing on Americas Mountain and the vintage race cars that have survived.  Also along the way providing the news, stories  and information surrounding upcoming Pikes Peak Hill Climb races.

As the site grows, new pages will be added , making it easier to navigate and find info. Please feel free to send comments and suggestion , and thank you for visiting this site.