Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R at Pikes Peak in 1966

Information wanted on this Ford Shelby GT-350R at Pikes Peak Hill Climb race.Three Mustangs entered in the 1966 race.

There has been a mystery around the Ford Mustangs fastbacks that entered the Pikes Peak Hill Climb race in 1966. It started with Hot Rod magazine a few years back releasing photos of three Mustangs during practice. You can check then out at the below site.

The Sports Car Class in 66 was broken down into two classes by engine size. 2999 liters or less and 3000 liters and over.  An early newspaper report mentioned that, two “Competition Cars” from California would be entered in the sports car class.  The Hot Rod magazine pictures and the mention in the paper was just about all that surfaced for many years until recently.

Car #8 Jim Good

Jim Good in his Ford Mustang fastback at the PPHC in 1966

A closer look at this photo in the Gazette Telegraph from practice week show a little more detail. Jim Good was a veteran of the Hill Climb, he raced 11 times prior in the Championship Class. Originally from Colorado Springs, later moving to Corvina California . Not many details of the car are available other then this was the #8 Mustang. It had a Thunderbolt style hood scoop, no bumpers and the strange half moon mini windshields.  Jim Good failed to qualify during practice and did not make the field  for reasons unknown.

#12 Ron Dykes Ford Shelby GT-350R

Race day line up at Pikes Peak in 1966


This picture has just recently surfaced, from 1966 race day. Showing a few Champ cars # 47 Vermillion and #42 Manning , with the # 12 Dykes Shelby GT and  #9 Lowderman Kurtis race car in the background.  A few details noticed from the photos on Ron’s car are the “Performance Associates ” quarter panel sponsorship and “Bay Area Auto Sales” on the front fenders. Other track photos from the time shows, Ron Dykes driving this car at other events with the same markings. The car clearly has the rear window venting, no bumpers and different lower valance of a GT-350R . Ron Dykes is listed as being from Pacific Palisades California at the time. Qualified 10th in time trails and had engine failure on race day resulting in the “Did Not Finish”

At Pikes Peak in 1966, the Ron Dykes Shelby GT

Surely there is more history out there for this car.

#2  Ford Mustang GT 350

My guess this is, this car is the second of the two “Competition Cars” mentioned in the newspaper . The car clearly is running bumpers and the factory lower valance panel and looks to be a stock Shelby Gt 350. No driver information is currently available. (I will do more digging)

Results and entries from the Sports Car Class PPHC in 1966

Entry list with handwritten timing results 1966, confirms Ron Dykes Shelby GT

Winner Ak Miller was in a Devin race car called the “Cobra Kit Car Special” with a ford 427 engine.Information Wanted

A few things would be nice to complete this story. First off , was the #12 Dykes car a true GT-350 R ? What serial number and does it still survive ? Second, did the two white with blue stripes Shelby’s come as a team and who was the second driver, and what was “Performance Associates”.

If you can help answer these questions or have additional pictures of the Mustangs in 1966 please contact me.  Thanks !


The 1962 New York Auto Show and the Pikes Peak Hill Climb

1800 miles give or take, that is the distance from New York City to Colorado Springs at the foot of Pikes Peak.

The Devin 

If you are not familiar with the Devin and the race cars that have been built using his bodies and chassis, check out the outstanding book ” Devin The Man and His Cars” by Art Evans.    Available on amazon .

Two drivers raced Devin bodied race cars at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Ak Miller, who was himself a Devin dealer,  raced  several different Devin bodied casr at the Peak. Six wins in an eight year stretch from 1958 to  1965  proved that the Devin, with a V-8 motor and Ak Miller, as the driver, was a successful package.  

Not all sports cars have large V-8 motors. Many believed the smaller rear engine cars that were less expensive to build. was the way to go. Bill Devin was happy to design his chassis and bodies to accommodate that very idea. The Devin “D” for Volkswagen motors and the Devin “C” for Corvair entered the market .  Pete Woods a six time veteran of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in the Championship division, liked the idea . The second completed Devin “C” built would be his .  The location to pick up his new car would be at the April 1962 New York Auto Show.

The 1962 New York International Automobile Show.

The big show for auto manufactures all around the world in 1962 was the 6th annual NY Auto Show. If you wanted a piece of the market, you had to have cars at that show.  Studebaker made a big splash introducing the Avaniti to the market, Ford motor Company displayed its’ first A. C. Cobra with the Fairlane V-8, and Chevrolet was showing off the CERV-1 experimental race car.   Tucked among the giants of the industry was Bill Devin and his prototype Devin “C” utilizing the Chery Corvair engine. That was the car Pete Woods ordered and he made the trip from Seal Beach California to pick it up at the show and DRIVE it to Colorado for the PPHC.

Pete Woods a hill climb veteran.

The oldest class at Pikes Peak is the Championship Division. Open wheel race cars mostly running front mounted V-8 motors. Pete Woods ran in that class with mixed results from 1950 until 1957.  Sports car racing was sweeping the nation in the late 50s early 60s and in 1958 Pikes Peak Hill Climb welcomed it’s first large class of sports cars to the mountain. ( 3 Jaguars had their own sports car class in 1953)

Pete had his car ordered, the second “C” model made, had a sponsor lined up for the race “Arrow Motors” of Compton California. All that remained was how to get the car to Pikes Peak for the race. The plan ended up, with his mechanic Jack Canfield and himself picking the car up at the close of the auto show and driving the  car to Colorado for the hill climb race. (1800 miles give or take )

The 1962 Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Pete didn’t expect to win the class, “We just want to show how well  a small engined street machine can do against big bad ones” (Gazette Telegraph 7-2-62)

The Sports car Division at the PPHC was divided into two classes. Engines with more then 2001 cubic inches, “large bore”  and  a class for those with 2000cc or less.  the Arrow Motors sponsored Devin would be racing against 2 Corvettes , Ak Millers’ Ford 406 V-8 powered Devin and frank peteson in his V-8 Bocar.  There was some good news once he arrived for the race. Chevrolet was at the time a big sponsor for the hill climb race. They just happened to have with them at the race an engineering prototype version of the new, turbocharged engine that was just introduced for the Corvair line up. Pete would get the new turbo motor and some large off road tires for the race.

Time Trails had the Devin running 5th out of six entered. Beating the 1961 Corvette of Thom Jamison.  Hot Rod magazine even mentioned the “interesting” Corvair Spyder powered Devin at practice. Race day would go more to the predictions. The smaller engine could not keep up with the massive V-8s. Pete did make it to the top and had a respectable time of 16:12 against Ak Millers winning time of 14:29.4. In the small bore class 2000cc or less, four Porsche entries had slower times then Pete in his Devin., including a high dollar Porsche RSK driven by Don Ives. (time of 16:45)

Pete Woods at the 1962 Pikes Peak Hill Climb racing a Devin sports car

The driving adventure for Pete and  jack would not be quite over after Pikes Peak. Keeping the Chevrolet turbo motor and changing back to street tires, the two would be entering a road race in Salt Lake City on there way back home to Carmel California.

What an adventure that must have been !

This car still survives !

The  Devin stayed with Pete for  only a couple of years and the second owner did race the car some. It’s current owner purchased the car in 1971. After a total restoration in 1999, the car is in outstanding condition.

In August of this year (2017), this wonderful car will be at the “Quail Motorsports Gathering” in Carmel California. it’s not very often a Pikes Peak Hill Climb race car gets invited to such an event .

If you have any additional pictures of this car at Pikes Peak in 1962, please let me know. The current owner and myself would be very grateful.  Thanks !