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Barry could have supplied fourteen new songs.

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Barry could have supplied fourteen new songs. Instead just five new songs were recorded, two of them issued also on a single, and the rest of the LP was filled with existing Bee Gees recordings. He got back together with them when they went to England and was their musical director from to Trevor Gordon was well known from television and singles, and could have had a hit with this disk. sinyle

The A side has the more obvious melodic hook, but the B was more in touch with current music and is more fun to listen to. The same two songs were cut in New Zealand by Judge Wayne around the same time and released as his first solo single on wkmen Viking label.


It was a big deal to get an American to record an Australian composition. CD: entire album, Capitol US.

True to form both sides were Australian compositions, the B side written by Nat Kipner, who would later be very important to the Bee Gees. Barry was not present at the recording of either song.

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Nothing is known of this artist. Jenny Bradley was 10 or 11 years old.

Like the Gibb brothers she first appeared on television and then was ed to Leedon. This seems to be her third single in about one year. The song was recorded again in by Lori Balmer.

Terry Melcher wrote the B side of this single. They were becoming a band. Producer Bill Shepherd saw something there and had brought it out of them.

The brothers also admitted in their official biography that they sent fans out to buy copies at the right shops to break into the charts— but the single took itself beyond that. The Bee Gees are not on this recording, but Barry was present making suggestions during band sungle earlier. They must have sounded great live.

Other England Cities:

HMV used Festival Studio to record their artists. The two songs qomen also on the first Bee Gees album, released about the same time. Of the new songs, two were out on the new single and three were available only on this LP. Barry had more than enough unrecorded songs for an all-new LP, but this was still a reasonable concept for an album, since surely very few people had all these singles that had not been hits.

The name of the album has been hotly debated. Is that just an honest description of the contents, or is it a title?

Discographers dislike untitled albums. The original issue of this LP on Leedon is extremely rare.

Even the reissue in on the Calendar label is rarely seen outside Australia. This album package was not issued elsewhere. It was released on CD for the first time inin Australia.

However all of the songs have been reissued many times over and are not rare at all. Lynne Fletcher began her professional career at age 16 as a singer on television, and this appears to be her second single, perhaps a year or so later.