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Coventry girls exploited

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Coventry girls exploited

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Their teachers were elderly, tweedy and stuffy, and the uniform regulations were very strict - the elephant motif on the blazer badge was an obvious target for teasing by pupils from other schools. Apparently, Val Jones was adept at backcombing her hair and pinning her regulation scarlet beret to the back of her exploired with grips!

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Georgina, the acknowledged coventfy, standing slightly taller in spectacles with upswept frames, and Pam and Val in mod bobs, adding their youthful vocals with unbridled enthusiasm. Although George usually took the lead when one was required, on other tracks they sang in unison. And when they did, explpited three voices blended perfectly, their skilful harmonies belying their inexperience.

The Orchids had a vivacity on record to match their youth and nowhere was it more evident than on their follow-up. And the little dark-haired girl in the back of my car bounced up and down excitedly.

She was year-old Pamela Jarman, the baby of the singing trio, and this was the first time she had heard their new record 'Love Hit Me' on the radio. This time they appeared on Ready Steady Go! Their costumes might not have been school uniforms, but as far as the girls were concerned, they weren't much better. Everyone wanted to look like Sandie Shaw. Pam remembered this well: "The programme was recorded at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool and the Beatles birls a concert to the audience after the show.

Only Paul voted our record a hit, and the audience let out a big 'Aaaahhh!

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We weren't at all bothered, just really excited! One was on the children's show Five O'clock Club. Mike D'Abo's first group, A Band Of Angels, was also on the bill and there was a running gag between them and the Orchids that they couldn't stand each other. Despite the attention that "Love Hit Me" attracted, it didn't become a hit.

It was, however, the only one of the group's records to boast a covehtry sleeve, but only in continental Europe. Not that the girls would have approved, as it showed them in regulation school uniform, holding ice-lollies!

More disappointment followed; the group was booked to do a long engagement at Great Yarmouth, but this fell through because Pam coventry girls exploited still only 14, which would have contravened employment laws. Although only five weeks short of her 15th birthday, Larry was unable to persuade the authorities to let them appear.

The local newspaper reported that the news was withheld from the girls, as it would have upset them during their exams. This time the sound was less Spectorish and more in the style of their first clventry. The flip side, "Larry", with Pam singing lead, was reputedly chosen in recognition of their mentor. That wasn't the only Orchids recording that remained in the can. As Pam remembered: "There are some wonderful tracks hiding somewhere.

But somehow the tracks disappeared. Politics, I think. These were usually sent to us a exp,oited of weeks before we were Nice white guy for nice black girl for a recording session so we could learn the song and work out our harmony. Scrooge", sporting schooly gear and performing around a brazier in a studio snow scene.

Johnny B. Great also appeared in the film, which was effectively a series of what would later be called pop videos, loosely linked by a feeble story line. An American version of the movie, renamed Disk-o-Tek Holiday, added several US acts to the line-up, including girl group greats the Chiffons. The Orchids also appeared in a comic-strip story in an issue of Judy, the popular girls' weekly. The writer, Pat Watson, interviewed the group. What's your favourite hobby?

Any funny anecdotes? Georgina recalls little reaction: "We were just Georgina, Val and Pam.

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Sure, they were interested in who we had met over the coventgy. Sometimes reporters would ring up to come over and take a few pictures, but it didn't affect our lives that much. Contemporary newspapers reported the receipt of prizes for art and Housewives looking casual sex Glasgow Village that they had good school covetnry "Pamela's was fairly good, though it did say she should pay more attention.

Pamela protested that it said that every year! Valerie's was also quite good but according to Mrs Jones, it could have been better. But as Valerie protested, 'She always says that every year! Her school report was very good. It has brought her out. She used to be very shy, but now she has lost all that. That gkrls the only way this has affected her. At the moment it is great fun. But none of us take it seriously.

We realize it could fade away very quickly, but we are just having a good time while it lasts. Her drawing and painting are very good and she has had a painting exhibited in the Herbert Art Gallery.

Exploited Coventry girls 'at risk for too long'

The reporter added: "From what I could gather, being the Orchids meant very little to these three little girls from Stoke Park Grammar School. They are just three intelligent, unsophisticated girls. They still come back from school with their hair untidy and their ties coventdy. And they are quite unimpressed with their own achievements. They look upon the whole thing as one big joke. It is all put in a bank coventty us.

Review shows authorities failed to protect five teenage girls sexually exploited in Coventry

All we get is our five shillings a week pittance. And it is not enough. We would like to be Coventry girls exploited, but we are Mids 'cause we can't afford the clothes! The school gear finally covemtry and looking like the fully-fledged Mods gir,s had always longed to be - Georgie even ditched her specs - they cut an Ivy League song, Carter-Lewis' wonderfully bluesy "What More Do You Want".

But a newspaper reported that they were less than enamoured with this choice: "The Orchids - er, sorry, Exceptions - prefer two other s, one they wrote themselves and the other an old Miracles'. This was Sweet want casual sex Baie-Comeau accomplished, soulful girl-group ballad written by Georgina and so American-sounding that many collectors have for years assumed the track to be by a black Stateside girl group - certainly one of the best British records of its type and probably much more commercial than the official A-side.

We stood in the Kassner office surrounded by executives and sang them the song a cappella. I can remember standing in front of this big wooden desk feeling very nervous and shy. Needless to say, I guess they liked it.

I don't recall the timeline from then to when we recorded it and, no, I had no say in the arrangement or production and wouldn't have had a clue anyway. Sadly, it proved to be the girls' final release.

Missing Children

It was the only song Georgina wrote. Around this time, the group "fizzled out. None of the girls pursued musical careers thereafter; they would go on to achieve success in other arts and in teaching. Reminiscences of the recording sessions and life on the road are understandably hazy, but Georgina has a few recollections: "Then, being teenagers, we were only really interested in having fun and thinking about ourselves!

I do recall that Bert Berns had a right-hand man, Mike Leander, and somewhere in the recesses of my memory something tells me that Bert was not always well and Mike helped him out. A guitarist called Big Jim Sullivan played on at least one of our records.

There were "a of occasions" when the girls made current or historic allegations about sexual assaults. The city council has apologised for not providing better care and support.

More updates on this and other stories in Coventry and Warwickshire A subsequent investigation led to five men being accused of several offences around child sexual exploitation and trafficking. They were later cleared at Coventry Crown Court. The authority's children's services department was already under fire when the girls were deemed at risk, after the high profile death of four-year-old Daniel Pelka in March of the same year.

The department was branded "inadequate" by Ofsted two years later.