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Escort basingstoke happy hour

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His esxort, Harold James, born in worked with his father and took over the business after his death. Third generation Mr Cox recalled 'the way it was' when he was a boy, remembering the neat rows of hand tools which were sharpened with sandstone, the spy hole basingshoke the workshop where grandfather and son took their meal breaks and kept an eagle eye open for customers. At the back of the boathouse they kept chickens and Wife want hot sex Rutherford College pigs.

When blue tits nested among the paddles the door was kept open in order not to disturb them. There was baasingstoke little shop which sold not only fishing tackle, butterfly nets and fishing nets but things likes jews harps, mouth organs, stuffed fish in tanks and ice cream and lemonade.

Grandfather Cox, a strict disciplinarian, was always smartly turned out. He even wore his spats to work and it was his wife's job to clean them daily. They raided moorhen's nests, taking the eggs home - they made good eating. Their entertainment Sweet ladies want casual sex Miamisburg the Salvation Army Band which performed on the bank on Sundays.

When their hob nailed boots damaged gasingstoke boats their deposit was forfeited. Bazingstoke are probably still many happy memories of the Basingstoke Canal and Cox's boathouse floating around Canada. A foot bridge was built across the canal, close to the Fox and Hounds. The soldiers at Dinorben must have appreciated the convenient access, not only to the main road and public transport but to the pub as well.

One of the regular patrons at Cox's boat house was Victoria Drummond, a lady escortt known for being the first female artificer in the Royal Navy.

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At that time she lived in Fleet with her two sisters. Harold James Cox sold the business when he went off to fight in the basihgstoke war; his son doesn't know what happened to it after that.

Perhaps some of our readers edcort provide the sequel to 'the demise of Cox's boat house'. Following the interview with Ronald Cox, I talked to a great admirer of James Harold's superb craftsmanship.

Welcome to Basingstoke

In the chapter 'Canal and boats' he describes James Harold as an enterprising craftsman, very highly skilled. A carpenter, Mr Edwards helped Harold Cox build a boat to 'exact perfection'. He remembers the building of the Old Bakery near to the Fox and Hounds. It was built to supply the bargemen with bread when they stayed overnight in the nearby pub.

When it was too cold for them to sleep in the loft they were allowed in the bar where there was an open coal fire.

Shutters with strong bolts were erected across the counter to keep them away from the alcohol. At some stage the stopped the unloading of coal at Reading Road Wharf and opened a goods siding in Fleet Station.

GCSEs North Hampshire students celebrate day

This was to spare the horses. Their work at the Wharf in Hpur where the barges unloaded coal for the heating of the many Army camps in the area was heavy and damaged their shoulders causing the animals considerable pain. Such simple pleasures were clearly the memories of a happy childhood! But he emphasised that there were many success stories to be heard also.

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Hoyr Cairns from the UK Trust encouraged everybody by speaking about grants that were available, and by stoutly asserting that restoration of waterways is good for wildlife, provided that good wildlife practices are followed. Terry Kemp demonstrated the value of restoration in economic terms, following market research on the variety of visitors to the Umass Michigan sexy Michigan dude and Avon Canal.

David Stevenson, National Chairman of the Inland Waterways Association, hor the meeting with information about matters affecting waterways, notably the British Waterways Bill currently before Parliament. He emphasised the balance necessary between the interests of and environment, particularly as SSSI's are still being imposed without proper consultation. He showed that claims for Derelict Land Grants were being successful, but even so some waterways are in decline whilst others are being promoted.

Nick Smith, from British Waterways Technical Office at Leeds, gave the most important presentation of the day when he spoke on silt disposal - now classified as disposal of hazardous waste.

He showed a massive pile of legislative documents on the subject; but even so the legislation is vague and Ministers are reluctant to lay down a clear code of practice. Thus hasingstoke suits one authority does not necessarily suit another, so the tasks of finding suitable disposal sites, dealing with land owners, planning authorities, environmental bodies etc.

In all this was an excellent of dealing with what is probably the major problem of waterway restoration and maintenance.

Michael Handford, Chairman of the IWA Restoration Committee, amazed the audience with the fact that there are now no less than restoration schemes underway. Waterways basiingstoke All had to be the objective. Of particular interest was the Lancaster Canal scheme, the subject of a feasibility study by Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick.

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The Ribble Link Trust is still active, and this project could result in a 22 mile multi-purpose amenity water park in a most delightful part of the country. All in all, a valuable meeting, especially as those present had between them some years experience of waterway restoration.

The venue for the next meeting will be the Neath and Tennant canal.