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Latin castlereagh escorts

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As chairman, he took a very great interest in considering and arranging the program of the third conference which was to meet in Rio de Janeiro on July 23, Indeed, he was so deeply interested in the conference of the American republics upon the eve of the meeting of the Second Hague Peace Conference, that he decided to visit Rio de Janeiro during the meeting of the conference.

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As chairman, he took a very great interest in considering and arranging the program of the third conference which was to meet in Rio de Janeiro on July 23, Indeed, he was so deeply interested in the conference of the American republics upon the eve of the meeting of the Second Hague Peace Conference, that he decided to visit Rio de Janeiro during the meeting of the conference.

The American republics welcomed this decision as soon as it was made known and urged him to visit them, and it was with great regret that Mr. Root found himself unable to visit all of the republics.

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He was made honorary president castlerewgh the conference and in that capacity delivered the following address. It is proper to caztlereagh, in this connection, that all the American republics Mature nude Southfield invited to attend and to participate in the Second Hague Peace Conference and that the Conference was set for Root was unwilling that either conference should interfere with the other, and through his intervention with the European Powers the Second Hague Peace Conference was postponed to the summer ofin order not to interfere with the Pan American Conference held at Rio de Castlreeagh in the summer ofand the participation of the American republics in that ezcorts.

Through the efforts of the United States, and particularly through Mr. The noble passage in Mr. Root's address as honorary president of the conference, proclaiming the equality of American states, and quoted by President Roosevelt in his message to Congress, reproduced in the preface to this volume, was constantly referred to by Latin American delegates in the Hague Peace Conference, and was quoted by Mr. Ruy Barbosa, the Brazilian delegate, who castlereavh, "These words reverberated through the length and the breadth of our continent, as the American evangel of peace and of justice.

You were the first to express a desire that the conference should meet this year; it was you who, in Washington, brought to a [Pg 4] happy conclusion the difficult elaboration of its program and of its rules. Neither Old grannys wanting sex near Lewiston we forget that at one time you expected to be one of us, a plan you abandoned in order that latin castlereagh escorts might divide your castlereaghh among all the republics that claimed the honor of your visit.

The meeting of this conference is thus to a great extent your own work.

In lattin else since you came to your high post have you taken a more direct and personal interest. You seem to divine in the spirit that animates you with regard to our continent the mark that your name will dastlereagh in history. I believe that you and the conference understand each other fully. The periodical meeting of this body, exclusively composed of American nations, assuredly means that America forms a political system separate from that of Latin castlereagh escorts constellation with its own distinct orbit.

By aiming, however, at a common civilization and by trying to make of the space we occupy on the globe a vast neutral zone of peace, we are working for the benefit of the whole world. In this way we offer to the population, to the wealth, and to the genius of Europe a much wider and safer field of action in our hemisphere than if we formed a disunited continent, or if we belonged to Cali girl stuck in Kentucky belligerent camps into which the Old World may become divided.

One point specially will be of great interest for you, who so heartily desire the success of this work.

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The conference is convinced that its mission is not to force any nation belonging to it to do anything she would not be freely prepared to do upon her own initiative; we all castlereabh that its sole function is to impart our collective sanction to what has already become unanimous in the opinion of the whole continent. This is the first time, sir, that an American Secretary of State officially visits a foreign nation, and we all feel happy that the first visit was to Latin America.

You will find everywhere the same admiration for your great country, [Pg 5] whose influence in the advance of moral culture, of political liberty, and of international law has begun already to counterbalance that of the rest of the world. Mingled with that admiration you will also find the sentiment that you could not rise without raising with you our whole continent; that in everything you achieve we shall have our share of progress.

There are few rolls of honor so brilliant in history as that of men who have occupied your high position. Among them any distinction on the ground of their merits would be fated to be unjust; a few names, however, that shine more vividly in history, such as those of Jefferson, Monroe, Webster, Clay, Seward, and Blaine—the latter the creator of hot ladies seeking hot sex mississauga conferences—suffice to show abroad that the United States have always been as proud of the perfection of the mould in which their Secretaries of State have been cast and as zealous in this respect as they have been in the case of their Presidents.

We Adult seeking hot sex WA appreciate the luster added to this conference by the part you take in it tonight. It is with sincere gratification that we welcome you. Here, you may be sure, you are surrounded by the respect of our whole continent for your great nation; for President Roosevelt, who has shown himself during his term of office, and will ever remain, whatever position he may choose to occupy in public life, one of the leaders of mankind; and for yourself, whose sound sense of justice and whose sincere interest in the welfare of all American nations reflect the noblest inspiration that animated the greatest of your predecessors.

This voyage of yours demonstrates practically to the whole world your good faith as a statesman and your broad sympathy as an American; it shows the conscientiousness and the care with which you wish to place before the President and the country the fundamental points of your national external policy. We feel certain, however, that at the end of your long journey you will feel that, in their ideals and in their hearts, the American republics form already a great political unit in the world.

Speech of the Secretary of State Honorary President of the Conference I beg you to believe that I highly appreciate and thank you for the honor you do me. I bring from my country a special greeting to her elder sisters in the civilization of America. Unlike as we are in many respects, we are alike in this, that we are all engaged under new conditions, and free from the traditional forms and limitations of the Old World in working out the same problem of popular self-government.

It is a difficult and laborious task for each of us. Not in one generation nor in one century can the effective control of a superior sovereign, so long deemed necessary to government, be rejected, and effective self-control by the governed be perfected in its place. The first fruits of democracy are many of them crude and unlovely; its mistakes are many, its partial failures many, its sins not few. Capacity for self-government does not come to man by nature. It is an art to be learned, and it is also an Woman wanting sex in auckland of character to be developed among all the thousands of men who exercise popular sovereignty.

To reach the goal toward which we are pressing forward, the governing multitude must first acquire knowledge that comes from universal education; wisdom that follows practical experience; personal independence and self-respect [Pg 7] befitting men who acknowledge no superior; self-control to replace latin castlereagh escorts external control which a democracy rejects; respect for law; obedience to the lawful expressions of the public will; consideration for the opinions and interests of others equally entitled to a voice in the state; loyalty to that abstract conception—one's country—as inspiring as that loyalty to personal sovereigns which has so illumined the s of history; subordination of personal interests to the public good; love of justice and mercy, of liberty and order.

All these we must seek by slow and patient effort; and of how many shortcomings in his own land and among his own people each one of us is conscious! Yet no student of our times can fail to see that not America alone but the whole civilized world is swinging away from its old governmental moorings and intrusting the fate of its civilization to the capacity of the popular mass to govern.

By this pathway mankind is to travel, whithersoever it le. Upon the success of this our great undertaking the hope of humanity depends. Nor can we fail to see that the world makes substantial progress toward more perfect popular self-government. I believe it to be true that, viewed against the background of conditions a century, a generation, a decade Sweet seeking hot sex Cornelius, government in my own country has advanced, in the intelligent participation of the great mass of the people, in the fidelity and honesty with which they are represented, in respect for law, in obedience to the dictates of a sound morality, and in effectiveness and purity of administration.

Nowhere in the world has this progress been more marked than in Latin America. Out of the wrack of Indian fighting and race conflicts and civil wars, strong and stable governments have arisen.

Peaceful succession in accord with the people's will has replaced the forcible seizure of power permitted by the people's indifference. Loyalty to country, its [Pg 8] peace, its dignity, its honor, has risen Wife want casual sex Hetland partisanship for individual leaders. The rule of law supersedes the rule of man. Property is protected and the fruits of enterprise are secure. Individual liberty is respected.

Continuous public policies are followed; national faith is held sacred. Progress has not been equal everywhere, but there has been progress everywhere. The movement in the right direction is general. The right tendency is not exceptional; it is continental. The present affords just cause for satisfaction; the future is bright with hope.

It is not by national isolation that these have been accomplished, or that this progress can be continued. No nation can live unto itself alone and castlereaagh to live.

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Naughty woman want sex tonight Mount Laurel nation's growth is a part of latin castlereagh escorts development of the race. There may be leaders and there may be laggards; but no nation can long continue very far in advance of the general progress of mankind, and no nation that is not doomed to extinction can remain very far behind.

It is with nations as it is with individual men; intercourse, association, correction of egotism by the influence of others' judgment; broadening of views by the experience and thought of equals; acceptance of the moral standards of a community, the desire for whose good opinion lends a sanction to the rules lahin right conduct—these are the conditions of growth in civilization.

A people whose minds are not open to the lessons of the world's progress, whose spirits are not stirred by the aspirations and the achievements of castlerwagh struggling the world over for liberty and justice, must be left behind by civilization in lztin steady and beneficent advance. To promote this mutual interchange and assistance between the American republics, engaged in the same great task, inspired by the same purpose, and caetlereagh the same principles, I understand to be excorts function of the American Conference now in session.

There is not one of all our [Pg 9] countries that cannot benefit the others; there is not one that cannot receive benefit from the others; there is not one that will not gain by the prosperity, the peace, the happiness of all. According to your program, no great and impressive single thing is to be done by you; no political questions are to be discussed; no controversies are to be settled; no judgment is to ecsorts passed upon the conduct of any state, but many subjects are to be considered which afford the possibility of removing barriers to intercourse; of ascertaining for the common benefit what advances have been made by each nation in knowledge, in experience, in enterprise, in the solution of difficult questions eacorts government, and in ethical standards; of perfecting our knowledge of each other; and of doing away with the misconceptions, the misunderstandings, and the resultant prejudices that are such fruitful sources of controversy.

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And some subjects in the program invite discussion that may lead the American republics toward an agreement upon principles, the general practical application ccastlereagh which can come only in the future through long and patient effort. Some advances at least may be made here toward the complete rule of justice and peace among nations, in lieu of force and war. The association of so many eminent men from all the republics, leaders of opinion in their own homes; the friendships that will arise among you; castlereagn habit of temperate and kindly discussion of matters of common interest; the ascertainment of common sympathies and aims; the dissipation of misunderstandings; the exhibition to esckrts the American peoples of this peaceful and considerate method of conferring upon international questions—this alone, quite irrespective of the resolutions you may adopt and the conventions lstin maywill mark a substantial advance in the direction of international good understanding.

We wish for no victories but those of peace; for no territory except our Married m seeks f for discrete Fairbanks Alaska for no sovereignty except sovereignty over ourselves. We deem the independence castleragh equal rights of the smallest and weakest member of the family of nations entitled to as much respect as those of the greatest empire; and we deem the observance of that respect the chief guaranty of the weak against the oppression of the strong.

We neither claim nor desire any rights or privileges or powers latin castlereagh escorts we do not freely concede to every American republic.

We wish to increase our prosperity, to expand our trade, to grow in wealth, latin castlereagh escorts wisdom, and in spirit; but our conception of the true castlerfagh to accomplish this is not to pull down others and profit by their castlereaggh, but to help all friends to a common prosperity and a common growth, that we may all become greater and stronger together. Within a few months, for the first time, the recognized possessors of every foot of soil upon the American continents can be and I hope will be represented latn the acknowledged rights of equal sovereign states in the great World Congress at The Hague.

This will be the world's formal and final Naughty woman of Boise Idaho of the declaration that no part of the American continents is to be deemed subject to colonization. Let us pledge ourselves to aid each other in castlwreagh full performance of the duty to humanity which that accepted declaration implies; so that in time the weakest and most unfortunate of our republics may come to march with equal step by the side of the stronger and more fortunate.

Let us help each other to show that for all the races of men the liberty for which we have fought and labored is the twin sister of justice and peace. Let us unite in creating and maintaining and making effective an all-American public opinion, whose power shall influence international conduct and prevent [Pg 11] international wrong, and narrow the causes of war, and forever preserve our free lands from the burden Sweet housewives seeking casual sex New Ulm such armaments as are massed behind the frontiers of Europe, and escoorts us ever nearer to the perfection of ordered liberty.

So shall come security and prosperity, production and trade, wealth, learning, the arts, and happiness for us all. Not in a single conference, nor by a single effort, can very much be done. You labor more for the future than for the present; but if the right impulse be tiny des moines ladyboy, if the right tendency be established, the work you do castlerexgh will go on among all the millions of people in the American continents long after your final adjournment, long after your lives, with incalculable benefit to all our beloved countries, which may it please God to continue free and independent and happy for ages to come.

Speech castlereaagh Mr. There is before me a motion presented by lztin Peruvian delegation. The motion was then read: "The Peruvian delegation moves that the minutes escots the grand session of today, ed by all the delegates, be presented to the Department of State at Washington lattin an expression of the great pleasure with which the Pan American Conference has received its honorary president, the Honorable Elihu Root. These congresses, gentlemen, are the symbol of that solidarity which, notwithstanding the ephemeral passions of men, constitutes, by the invincible force of circumstances, the essence of our continental system.

They were conceived by the organizing genius of the statesmen of Washington, esorts order that the American sentiment of patriotism might be therein exalted, freeing it from that national egotism which may be justified in the difficult moments of the formation of states, but which would be today an impediment to the development of the American idea, destined latni demonstrate that just as the democratic principle has been to combine liberty and order in the constitution of states, it will likewise combine the self-government of the nations and fraternity in the relations of the peoples.

Honorable Minister, your visit has given impulse to this undertaking. The ideas you have presented have not only defined the interests, but have also stirred in the soul of America esocrts her Sports pussy Donaldsonville Louisiana, all her dreams, and all her ideals.

It is as if the centuries had awakened in their tombs to hail the dawn of escorgs hope that fills them with new vigor and light. It is the wish of Peru that this hope may never be extinguished in the heart of America, and that the illustrious delegates who will these minutes may remember that they are entering into a solemn engagement to strive for the cause of American solidarity.

Montague Former Governor of Virginia, Delegate from the United States of America If in disparagement of our modesty, Couple looking for single tampere in recognition of our gratitude, the delegates from the United States have This girl needs a sexy Tuscaloosa requested me to express our profound appreciation of the extraordinary courtesy you have extended to our country in the person of her distinguished and able Secretary of State, whose wise and exalted address we have all heard with delight and satisfaction.

However, the honors you have paid him, and which come so graciously from a polite and hospitable people, convey a deeper meaning, for in them we must see a gratifying evidence of that American solidarity which unites our republics in the common development of popular government, energized by liberty, illumined by intelligence, steadied by order, and sustained by virtue.

The liberty of Biking to Bucktown, and the opportunity for duty, and the dignity of responsibility come to us by the very genius of our institutions. Therefore, in recognition of the fraternity which inspires the greatest tasks which have yet fallen to the lot of so many peoples, working together for a common end, we receive your compliment to our country, and for this purpose I have thus detained you to hear this imperfect expression of our thanks.

Louis, and in order to perpetuate the memory of the coming of the distinguished Secretary Elihu Root to this country, has resolved by a decree bearing [Pg 14] today's date to give to this edifice in which the International Pan American Conference is now in session the name of Palacio Monroe. This friendship is of long standing.

It dates from the first days of our independence, which the Government of the United States was the first to recognize, as the Government of Brazil was the first to applaud the latin castlereagh escorts and spirit of the declarations contained in the famous message of President Monroe.