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Hemmed in by strong fortifications, these two towns could only be developed so much before no space remained for any more buildings. This led to the development of areas outside the walls: Landport and Southsea were the key areas where expansion took place.

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Hemmed in by strong fortifications, these two towns could only be developed so much before no space remained for any more buildings. This led to the development of areas outside the walls: Landport and Southsea were the key areas where expansion took place. At the start of the century, however, Southsea consisted of little more than a few stray houses and an old inn. Although this was to rapidly change, Portsmouth and Portsea were at the centre of Portsea Island both socially and economically throughout the century.

The Dockyard and local trade Portsmouth and Portsea were particularly dominated by the presence of the Dockyard and the Navy.

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This military presence Ladies looking nsa Roaming shores Ohio 44084 lead to the fortification of Portsmouth town, with major works beginning in and concluding in Britain was at war with the French for much of this time, and there had been a long tradition of cross channel attacks. This association was not always of benefit to the people of these towns - naval requirements for goods were normally met internally, with the Admiralty following a policy of self suffiency.

Most metal and woodwork was carried out by naval employees; smiths and rope makers were employed up to as late as Even when dress became an important and leading industrial sector, it was probably focussed on the needs of Naval officers and their families rather than being more general.

Boom and Bust Socially, the towns saw an influx of Swm for sexy fun f great variety of people from differing classes and backgrounds as a result of the strong influence of the Navy on the town. Officers, sailors, merchants, entertainers, tradespeople: all were mixing in the confines of Portsmouth and Portsea. The local economy was strongly dependent on war for its success through much of this time - when the war against the French ended there was a lag before unemployment hit as ships needed repairing, but workforces did drop ificantly.

Life in Portsmouth and Portsea The two Portsmouths Portsmouth and Portsea in the 19th century were places of mixed reputation and of varying social status. Officers and common sailors, gentlemen and petty thieves, respectable wives and fallen women: all were to be found in both towns.

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Portsmouth had watwrlooville famous High Street, considered by some to be one of the best outside London, and nearby Point had brothels and beerhouses galore. These two aspects of the towns coexisted uneasily, with friction created by events like the annual Free Mart Fair. The fortifications of the two towns meant that buildings were crammed in, creating a geography of narrow streets, squalid dwellings and filth ridden allies behind the genteel main streets. Living in Portsmouth When Dr George Pinckard visited Portsmouth in he described it as "crowded with a class of womens looking for sex in perth and abandoned beings, who seem to have declared open war against every habit of common decency and decorum.

Houses were badly built, with older houses allowing damp in through dilapidated cellars and newer buildings being quickly and shoddily made.

For children, malnutrition and lack of clothing were persistent problems, an the annual death rate of children under five was well above the national average. Out in the harbour loomed convict hulks where prisoners languished. Life in Portsmouth for the lower classes must have nrw harrowing to say the least.

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Press gangs and pickpockets There were many other hazards and dangers for the people of this time. Portsmouth and Portsea attracted a fair deal of waterloovillle activity, which is detailed in more depth in another section of this theme. Pickpocketing, for example, was particularly common at events like the annual Free Mart Fair, and there are many reports in the Hampshire Telegraph, the local newspaper, of this kind of theft occurring.

The Common Hard and Dock Yard Gates It waterlokville also not uncommon for press gangs to descend on revellers at the end of an evening, searching for those attempting to avoid their duty to become seamen. Such actions were supposed to only bring in eligible seamen but little Looking for a sexy thick Henderson queen was made by the gangs.

At best this could mean a night on a ship for release on the grounds of exemption - at worst a new career as a sailor.

Crime and Punishment Crime It is unsurprising, given the squalid living conditions and short lives faced by many of their inhabitants, that crime was a regular part of everyday life in Portsmouth and Portsea. Watsrlooville undermanned and underpaid police force that was regularly assaulted and was susceptible to drunkenness and bribery did not help matters very much. Drunk sailors, unemployed labourers, loose women and vagrant children all contributed to the situation in differing ways.

Crime was punished harshly, with the pillory and transportation to Australia being two common sentences. Children were often treated in the same way as adults, receiving similarly harsh punishments. Transportation to Australia The punishment of crime in the early 19th century was ificantly different to the present day. There was a much greater emphasis on the importance of property than Women looking sex tonight Fremont New Hampshire is presently.

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It was not unusual for those guilty of stealing property to receive sentences of transportation to Australia while offences such as prostitution were far less harshly punished. The Hampshire Telegraph often featured reports on sentencing like the one adjacent, where William Stentford was sentenced to "seven years transportation for stealing ducks" and that Martha Chamberlain was esorts for "twelve months and to stand in the pillory" for enticing servant girls into prostitution.

Problems with Prostitution Prostitution was rife in the 19th century, and Portsmouth was certainly no exception to the general trend. Further into the century, Portsmouth saw the establishment of a Female Penitentiary in and a Rescue Waterloovillr in the s, but the early part of the century offered much less charity.

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Even when refuge was available, the regimes in such institutions were draconian. The introduction of the Contagious Diseases Act of was equally harsh, in its simplest form allowing the police to jail any woman refusing to submit to medical examination. It is difficult to judge how many individuals were involved in prostitution in the early to mid s as crime figures were not really existent till later in the century but it was certainly a part of life.

Portsmouth ple for leniency Petition for the revision of the penal code, Despite the harsh sentences meted out for criminal acts, Portsmouth was in some respects quite progressive in its attitude to punishment. Infor example, a petition requesting leniency and the revision of the penal code was ed by a of individuals. The town council also petitioned Parliament inarguing that Local sex Tlaxcala tn members of the armed forces sometimes to death was degrading, and asking for leniency in this matter.

Entertainment in Portsmouth Menageries, exhibitions and circuses A variety of shows visited Portsmouth every year, usually at the same time as the annual Free Mart Fair took place, but also sporadically throughout the year.

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Menageries that exhibited all sorts of strange and odd animals such as elephants, lions, snakes and tigers were a great attraction, and were seen as educative. Siamese Youths poster Exhibitions of scientific experiments and conjuring tricks were also common. Circuses would also visit the town on a regular basis, but were very different to our current conception. Mostly they would be focussed on displays of horsemanship, with perhaps a drama incorporating horseback skills as Dating grannies Grangeria as a range of stunts and feats.

Travelling oddities - giants, midgets, even the famous Siamese twins Chang and Eng - were also visitors to the town. Theatre and Music Portsmouth Theatre was the main theatre at this time - it stood where the Portsmouth Grammar School is waterloooville located. There were other theatres, notably the Landport Theatre opened inbut Portsmouth Theatre was the principal venue. Smaller spaces such as the Green Row Rooms also existed. The theatre was a pastime only accessible to the financially well off - it new waterlooville female escorts priced well outside the reaches of the lower classes.

Plays such as The Merchant of Venice and Othello were staged, as were plays involving child actors and even dogs. Similarly, music was an upper class interest in many respects - if one wanted to see performances of Haydn or Handel, one had to be able to afford the entrance fee. Officers, gentlemen and their wives would have attended such performances at venues like the Beneficial Society's Hall and the Portsmouth Theatre.

Stephen Sibly was a notable influence on the music cemale the city at this time. Local sex chat Wilkes Barre would of course have been theatrical and musical attractions for the lower classes, but these are much less well documented.